Community focused. At Tiriel, our mission is to offer practical and innovative solutions for community-based projects and the creative industry.

The Tiriel Radio and Broadcast management system (TRS) is our key product, along with a range of solutions for app development, website design, digital marketing strategy, and consultation.

Digital Strategy

Tiriel's work is a collaboration with our clients to develop a product that will make the most impact on their audience and community.


Need an eStore or payment system for your subscribers and donors? We can deliver a platform built from the ground up or offer affordable solutions to suit your business needs.

Tech Support

Having issues with your website, network, systems, or hardware? Contact us and we will help out. Available for consultation and call-out in Sydney metro area.

Media Delivery

Whether it's a podcast, radio station feed, or a Facebook live stream, we have the expertise to help your project come to light. Leave all the technical stuff to us and get creative!

Radio Solutions

With over 10 years of experience, we have the solution for any size radio station. Check out our custom solutions and website production or hit us up for more information.

Website Development

Websites should be accessible but not too simplistic. They should drive sales, leads, and offer deeper engagement through rich content. We can help showcase your brand, vision and more. We also offer tutorials for staff so you can reach the full potential of your website.